About Us

Hagenbeck Stables

Hagenbeck –  an age-old name with a long history in animals. Hagenbeck Stables’ origins date back to the early 20th century, to one of Europe’s oldest and largest circus families as well as one of Europe’s most successful wild animal training schools and zoo that catered to clients such as MGM, Walt Disney and Siegfried & Roy – this is where the founder of Hagenbeck Stables and veterinarian, Sonja Hagenbeck, grew up and grew to love animals.

Having been born into a world of circus lights, artists, lions and tigers, Sonja’s path was paved from the very beginnings. She went on to become a veterinarian, opened her own clinic and founded Hagenbeck Stables, where she specializes in selectively breeding and training American Quarter and Paint horses. She also managed to become a very eminent horse(wo)man herself and won Dutch and German cutting championships on several occassions

Like Mother, Like Son

Not far behind, following in her footsteps is Sonja’s only son, Santino. Having been on horseback virtually all of his life, he has become a very successful rider in his own right. Santino is a seasoned rider and trainer who looks back at several championship titles in cutting and working cowhorse in the Netherlands, Germany and Luxemburg – having performed his first championship run  at the tender age of 14. Some of his more recent achievements were among others 1st place IDEXX Cutting Cup at Eurocheval 2014 and finalist open cutting  NCHA at Americana 2013 and 2015, high point open first and second place of the Lowland Cutting Tour 2013, Bavarian Open Champion 2015.

Hagenbeck Stables

Located in the south-eastern part of the Netherlands, Hagenbeck Stables is just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful cities of Maastricht and Aachen. Specialized in the disciplines of cutting and reining, the Hagenbecks along with their dedicated and talented trainers and staff have brought forth several successful performance horses, such as Sonitas Black Gold, Runaround Lena, Doc Cinc and HS Sonitas Smart Lena and have trained many riders to perfect their skills to become successful competitive showmen.


– Hagenbeck Stables specializes in the disciplines cutting, working cowhorse and reining and offers professional training facilities for horses and riders alike.

– Select American Quarter and Paint horses are also offered for sale on occasion – from promising young foals and reliable companion horses to show-ready cutting and reining performance horses. We would be happy to help you find the perfect horse to meet your specific needs.