Equine-Assisted Coaching

“For those who appreciate the true value of authentic leadership”

Why Synnput?

Equine-assisted leadership & team coaching helps you, your team and your company rise to an entirely new level of authentic collaboration!

We believe that “authentic leadership” is about being aware of what is best for us and for those we lead. One key leadership factor is the ability to give and receive honest, undiscriminating and direct feedback.

Horses are true artists in this sense – as this is what their communication, their hierarchy, their DNA is based on. They live and respond in the moment – their “language” is presence, motion and emotion.

Working with these horses is truly an experience!

  • Leadership coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Strength coaching
  • Potential coaching
  • Multicultural team coach
  • Conflict coaching

Our coaching facilities are located at the legendary Hagenbeck Stables in the Netherlands, where we also operate a small Quarter Horse Breeding program, just right across the German and Belgian borders and we offer full-service packages (catering, accommodation, etc.) for all group sizes and event needs.

For more information about our special programs for leadership and team development, call us at +31 638247306 or inquire by email at tanya@creative-communicators.de